TOP 8 Bluetooth Earbuds (STEREO)

The following 3 categories of Bluetooth Earbuds are reviewed on this page TOP 5 highest quality BT Earbuds 2 Budget friendly BT earbuds 1 Noise cancelling Bluetooth earbuds #1 Recommended Bluetooth Earbuds Plantronics BackBeat Fit BT Earphones Are these really earBUDS? Good question! One could argue that these are not the stereotypical earbuds/earphones. However, generally […]

Top 5 Around/Over-the-ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

#1 Recommended Over-the-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Sony MDR10RBT Bluetooth Headphones The Sony MDR10RBT Around-the-ear Bluetooth headphones are our #1 rated model 40 mm neodymium magnet (high energy) drivers: ‘drivers’ are basically the unit responsible for sound production in headphones/earbuds. High-quality drivers are absolutely critical for accurate sound reproduction. Modern, dynamic drivers are made of 3 components: they […]

Top 3 On-Ear Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

We list 3 categories of on-ear (supra-ear) Bluetooth headphones on this page Premium-quality on-ear BT headphones Budget-friendly BT headphones Best Bluetooth headphones for children #1 Recommended On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones (Premium-quality) Bose SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Bose TriPort® technology – thanks to this proprietary technology, the Bose Soundlink BT headphones reproduce deep, rich and full lows (bass) […]